Talking to politicians

Talking to politicians is an important part of modern leadership communications. The consultative process is hard wired into legislation in the British parliaments and assemblies and contributing in a positive, constructive manner is vital. Speaking up for your customers is something you do all of the time so you should be just as rigorous when you articulate their concerns to policy makers.

Organisations of all kinds make their case to legislators, civil servants and Ministers in each government of the UK and in the EU. However, it is important to make sure that your teams are trained to conduct their public affairs relationships in an open, transparent way. It is also important that your spokespeople deliver messages that are relevant and are evidential.

There are several ways of making the case for your organisation. Legislation has a consultative phase where a Bill’s sponsoring Department will call for evidence on the subject, this is a great opportunity to speak on behalf of your customers. Each government department is shadowed by an expert Select Committee and they frequently call for both written and oral evidence, again this is an opportunity for you to speak on behalf of your customers.

Talking to politicians is a short course that lasts a day and teaches students how to make their organisations’ case to politicians and civil servants.