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Quick and Easy Access to Expert Comms Advice – Wherever You Are.

You can now access expert communications advice and support from Storey Communications quickly and from the comfort of your own office or home? Storey Communications offer one to one communications coaching via Skype. Our 1 to 1 Online Sessions are perfect: If you have a few questions or a small communications problem If you are […]

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“Can I have your attention please?”

It can be very nerve-wracking to interrupt the sound of amiable chatter during a reception or social event to call a room to order, to make a speech or give an announcement. First of All Once the appointed speaking time has arrived, before you say anything, think about where you are standing and what you […]

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Using ‘limits’ to drive change.

Introduction. There’s nothing new under the sun but there are infinite ways of arranging what’s already here. Every now and again, a clear-thinking politician strikes on a new way of arranging old things. In so doing, another skill in the tradecraft of politics is brought into being. Oftentimes, these skills trickle out of politics and […]

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