About Cam Storey

img_1647This sort of biography is notoriously difficult to write, even for a communications person, so I have made a list below of the four areas I think you, as a potential customer or blog reader, might be interested in about my work and my life.

Things I am: politico; adviser on comms & public policy; IT nerd; proud owner of Storey Communications and finder of new and better ways for businesses and leaders to make their case.

Jobs I have had: Partner at Westbourne Communications, ground-breaking Strategy and Campaigning agency; Chief of Staff to the Shadow Home Secretary; researcher in politics and IT focused business analyst.

Things I think and write about: leadership communications; welfare & pensions policy; state and business working together; making the case for transparent business; big public policy data; communicating data with visuals; high political history; cooking; Newcastle United; dog walking and reimagining the north east.

Things people hire me to do: challenge their views; present my thoughts on the relationship between the state and the private sector (‘The State Contracts’); coach their senior leaders to make their case; figure out creative public policy ideas; design awesome Powerpoints and Keynotes; write snappy copy; advise about handling tricky questions; extract human stories from big lumps of data; find the right words for complicated propositions and explain why, sometimes, politicians do things that seem illogical, unnecessary or counter-intuitive.