Tasks for Teams

The professionals who work in and run communications departments, whether in an agency or in-house, are constantly under pressure to deliver. Whether it is briefings for leaders, new social media campaigns, arranging broadcast interviews or trying to fill up the cuttings books, there are multiple different pressures for a small team to deal with from many stakeholders.

In the midst of these demands, the basics of planning can be compromised and this can damage a team’s morale and ability to deliver its product.

Tasks for Teams is a product designed to be an out of the box solution for communications teams. It is a way of managing time, capacity and objectives more effectively. Tasks for Teams is a way of doing your work based on measuring your use of time and estimating your capacity against the objectives your customers and stakeholder set you. Tasks for Teams is a set of management protocols, documents and processes that help a busy comms team to prioritise their work around customer need, to plan and allocate capacity effectively and to report your work in a high quality way to your customers or stakeholders.

The Tasks for Teams approach is to gather evidence about the way your team works and how it is regarded by your customers or stakeholders. We then take this information plus data we can collect about your existing use of time and capacity, and we will design a way of estimating project completions, planning dependencies and measuring and allocating capacity. The system does not need a special software package although we will work with what you have to get the best out of your existing system.

Tasks for Teams has proven benefits for in-house communications teams and is a great way of getting better use of your teams’ time and expertise so you can deliver for your customers.