Leadership Communications

Great leaders lead by ideas. Ideology is enormously important when running any large organization. The people who work for you, those who look to you for answers, the media, even your rivals have a right to know how you see the world”. Rudy Giuliani, Leadership

Quite simply, in any human group the leader has maximal power to sway everyone’s emotions. If people’s emotions are pushed toward the range of enthusiasm, performance can soar; if people are driven toward rancor and anxiety, they will be thrown off stride. This indicates another important aspect of primal leadership: Its effects extend beyond ensuring that a job is well done. Followers also look to a leader for supportive emotional connection – for empathy. All leadership includes this primal dimension, for better or for worse”. Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyzatis and Anne McKee, The New Leaders.

Storey’s mission as a business is to research, teach and extol the value of collegiate, plural leadership in a global economy. We have developed Leadership Communications to bring together the best approaches to leadership and communications in a way that helps modern leaders to run their organisations in a consumer-led, information-based society.

Leadership Communications embeds modern, professional communications techniques into your leadership behaviour. This approach is not just about what you do on camera or say during a presentation or a pitch, it’s about everything you do.

The strategic benefit of this course for a modern leader is in three parts:

  • Distilling your vision and values into messages your colleagues and external stakeholders can understand and relate to.
  • Training to use communications to drive business performance.
  • Coaching to communicate effectively in the press, media and digital platforms.

The course is designed for leaders and future leaders of complex organisations and Communications Professionals on any rung of the career ladder.

The course is designed to teach the characteristics of the BRAV model of leadership communications. We will work together to build communications objectives that are relevant to the commercial objectives of your organisation. We will then fashion the building blocks of your communications leadership learning by looking at the audiences you need to reach, the messages you want to deliver and the evidence you have to back them up. We will then work together to build you a personal leadership communications toolkit and methodology so that you can communicate more effectively as a leader.

The course has 12 modules which can be delivered over several weeks or over a few days depending on your need and can be taught one-to-one or as a small group.