Avoiding Pickles

  • time-g120 minute intensive workshop
  • group-gup to 15 delegates from one organisation
  • teach-gClassroom taught…
  • workshop-gwith role-play and group workshops
  • pickles-rosette

Limit communications risk by teaching your colleagues to communicate cautiously, appropriately and securely

This course is designed for leadership team members, line managers, comms and supply-chain teams.

Understand why your work is newsworthy and attracts political scrutiny
cam-teachingClassroom taught with role-play and group workshops
  • Identify areas of risk in the way you communicate with your colleagues, suppliers and external stakeholders
  • Learn techniques to mitigate email-based communications risk
  • Learn to use IT to de-risk your communications
  • Take away ten ways your IT department can support you to deliver safer communications behaviour
  • Group workshop to establish delegates’ concerns about their day to day communications
  • Learn to use neutral, direct and straight forward language to communicate
  • Advice on using email alternatives for management of suppliers, stakeholders and colleagues
  • Suitable for organisations subject to Freedom of Information or media scrutiny

Learn the tools that allow you to communicate effectively in a high risk environment.