Tailored Communications Coaching

In a PLC, your lack of ability to deal with the media can kill you long before the performance of the company”, Justin King, J Sainsbury, quoted in Leighton, On Leadership

Tailored communications coaching is a bespoke service designed for your needs. It is best used for  senior leaders who need a course built around what they want or for people who have short notice of a media engagement but need coaching beforehand.

We use all of our experience of high pressure situations to deliver rapid, industry specific and time pressured coaching. Tailored communications coaching would use the BRAV principles because we know that they work well in all communications scenarios. This approach is particularly useful if you anticipate a hostile media environment or if someone is new in a senior management position.

Tailored coaching would cover a thorough audit of a person’s public profile, done speedily if needs be. It covers 1 to 1 coaching sessions to organise the right messages, solicit useful case studies and prepare for handling difficult or unanticipated questions. If needs be, we would simulate studio conditions and would provide advice on clothing to wear for the occasion. This is a positive approach to coaching for leaders who have a specific need to communicate within a specific time frame such as an investor Q&A, an internal communications webinar or an appearance on live TV.

There are some times when a two hour practice session with a professional coach can make a real difference to your media opportunity – it is these scenarios that Tailored Communications is designed for.