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Feedback from Recent Training Course
Communicating the Positive Impact of Your Work

2015-11-06-13-10-27 Simon “That was fantastic , no-one has ever explained this before. Fantastic insight. Thank you.”

Emma“A very useful afternoon with lots of information. I have learned lots of practical tips and tools, thank you.”

Lesley “Incredibly useful on all levels 10/10.”

Sarah “It was good to get so much information in a measured way… I have lots to take back to my office.”

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EdEd Dinsmore

Expert in change management in multinational organisations

“Storey’s style of constructive and encouraging communications coaching can really help an organisation’s leaders to deliver change more effectively”.

davidDavid Miller

Partner, Cheviot Asset Management

“Where coaching really made a difference was helping me to identify the issues and phrases that would resonate with the audience. Campbell would work with me just before a live interview to discuss the best way of getting the point across and just as importantly, the phrases and ideas that might not work”.

mysterySenior adviser to a member of the UK cabinet

“I’ve worked with Campbell advising politicians on everything from strategic communications to sorting out the best headline on a press release. His straight forward, direct and down to earth advice can really help to get a message through to the public”.

jamesJames McArdle

Public affairs professional working in manufacturing and utilities sectors

“If a client of mine needed communications coaching I would suggest that they go straight to Storey Communications. They get genuine expertise in a structured, recognised course that will help them address their immediate needs but also help them to improve their leadership communications overall”.

gavinGavin Lockhart

Managing Director of Crest Advisory and adviser to the former Prime Minister

“New techniques, such as the BRAV model, which have been developed by Storey’s, shows their commitment to delivering the highest quality coaching. For business leaders who want to get their message over to their own companies and the wider world, I would recommend Storey’s”.