Map and Engage Your Stakeholders

  • time-b4 hour intensive workshop
  • delegates-bup to 20 delegates
  • teach-bBlend of classroom teaching…
  • workshop-b…and group exercises
  • tools-bEasy to use tools for each delegate to take away

Identify your stakeholders, think about their priorities, and engage each in a way which is meaningful and significant to them.

Map and Engage your Stakeholders is tailored to your organisation’s objectives and can be taught at your site or a Storey’s approved venue anywhere in the UK

  • Map your stakeholder audiences
  • Research what matters to them, how they think and what they need
  • Identify the impact performance indicators that matter to each of your audiences
  • Use numbers, charts and prose to make your point
  • Identify and create case studies
  • Find and use 3rd party endorsements and advocates
  • Design an impact-based stakeholder persuasion strategy
  • Practice public speaking techniques and media training
  • Write persuasively
elevator-notesEasy to use tools for each delegate to take away

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