What we do

Storey Communications researches, teaches and extols the value of collegiate, plural leadership in a global economy.

We are an ambitious organisation whose research and teaching is designed to equip leaders and future leaders with the communications skills to achieve their goals in the consumer, information age.

Our flagship course, Leadership Communications, embeds modern, professional communications techniques into our customers’ leadership behaviour.

This illustration on this page was designed specifically for Storeys to capture the way that we understand leadership communications.

Brav Model_4

On the left hand side of the picture, a leader stands alone at the summit of the organization, shouting from the hilltops. This is the old fashioned communications of the post-war period where hierarchy legitimized authority. Our approach teaches how to deliver leadership communications for the leader in the right of the picture, leading from the heart of their organization with their colleagues around them, not beneath them.

Campbell Storey, the founder of Storey Communications, says: “The ideas and tools in these courses come from years of working in politics, IT, and agency communications servicing corporate accounts. In these different professions I have managed accounts, written speeches, shaped communications teams, handled hostile media situations and prepared my customers and colleagues for communications opportunities. I have also seen a lot of what passes for training, particularly media training. This is often done in a group over a couple of hours where participants are stuck in front of a video camera and embarrassed by their handling of awkward questions. There are better ways to teach people the value of communications”.

The Leadership Communications approach is designed to deliver professional, certified training in a structured, collegiate and professional programme of learning based on strategy and objectives. Our courses are designed for leaders and future leaders of complex organisations and Communications Professionals on any rung of the career ladder.

The courses are designed to teach the characteristics of the BRAV model of leadership communications. We will work together to build communications objectives that are relevant to the commercial objectives of your organisation. We will then fashion the building blocks of your communications leadership learning by looking at the audiences you need to reach, the messages you want to deliver and the evidence you have to back them up. We will then work together to build you a personal leadership communications toolkit and methodology so that you can communicate more effectively as a leader.