Communication for Leaders


Leadership is hard-wired into the way we organise our institutions, our society and ourselves. Imagine trying to think about designing a new institution without the idea of leadership underpinning its processes and organisation. The legitimacy of the idea of leadership matters for society, for markets, for businesses and for people. As an idea, leadership needs to be curated and refreshed just as much as any of the other great and governing principles of society.

Storey Communications exists because we want to shape the idea and practice of leadership in the information, consumer age. Our core aim is to help foster a collegiate, plural and modern idea of leadership. And underpinning this, we believe that communication must be a driver of leadership behaviour as much as an expression of it.

We think three things are happening to the idea of leadership. First, its practice is changing – the way people lead and the way people are prepared to be led is evolving rapidly. Second, the idea of leadership is being challenged by the evolution of the consumer society and the information revolution. Third, the way that leaders communicate will come to define their effectiveness and length of tenure.

We think that effective leaders and their organisations will see the need to adapt their behaviour to these three changes. At Storey Communications, we exist to research and extol the value of collegiate, plural leadership in a global economy – because we think this is the way of building an idea of leadership fit for the future.