Top iPhone tips for Communications Professionals

Top iPhone TipsLots of my fellow communications people are attached to their iPhones, as am I, as a thumb is to a hand. Always one to try and find out how a gadget can make my life easier, I have put together some tips about how comms pros can get more out of their iPhones.

My rather unscientific research while preparing these hints included sending the tips to a tech-savvy friend of mine – I was sure he would tell me he had heard it all before – he didn’t, and even went as far as saying that he had learned something.

My favourite tip is how make your iPhone or iPad into a teleprompter-type-machine (pay attention here internal comms people who make lots of scripted video) So, click/press for a pdf Top Iphone Tips – or click the thumbnail to the right for a picture you can save on your iPhone – I hope it is helpful.