Select committee coaching

  • timeLong term coaching on-site
  • pairone person or a small group
  • phoneSkype and on the phone support
  • select-rosette

Prepare, practice and rehearse

Long term coaching on-site, on Skype and on the phone support. Suitable for one person or a small group.

committeeThe coaching can include an optional simulated select committee appearance in central London.

Course includes:

  • Preparing ‘lines to take’
  • Write hostile questions and answers
  • How to prepare to appear before a parliamentary select committee
  • What to practice before appearing
  • How to handle hostile questions
  • How to address the committee and understand their objectives
  • Creating a presentation to get your message across
  • What to do if you don’t know an answer
  • Understanding your legal obligations with regard to a select committee in Westminster, Stormont, Cardiff or Holyrood.
  • Designing a media strategy related to your appearance.

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