Media Coaching

  • timeLong term coaching for senior leaders
  • pairOne person or a pair from the same organsiation
  • workshopOptional real TV and radio newsroom studio practice sessions

Build media skills over the long term

Long term coaching for senior leaders.

Comprehensive, structured long term coaching to an industry specific, tailored curriculum.

Campbell avoids the ‘one-size-fits-all approach. He took the time to understand our trainees’ strengths and weaknesses and tailored his content and delivery to suit them. He developed challenging, scenario-based training that was highly relevant for the organisation and overall those that participated came away feeling confident they were ready for a range of media encounters”

Ann Farragher, Communications Director.


Where coaching really made a difference was helping me to identify the issues and phrases that would resonate with the audience. Campbell would work with me just before a live interview to discuss the best way of getting the point across and just as importantly, the phrases and ideas that might not work”

DAVID MILLER, Partner, Cheviot Asset Management

We run three other courses in media and message training:

» Media Training Workshop

» Select Committee Coaching

» Council Scrutiny Training Workshop